Consider this strategy for tackling student debt in 2017

Editor’s note: On April 24, 2018, The Chronicle for Higher Education reported that “Drew Cloud,” a widely quoted “expert” on student loans, was in fact a fictitious character created by the owners of The Student Loan Report and, a student loan shopping site.

In the course of researching whether we had quoted “Drew Cloud” in any of our own stories, we discovered that, in late 2016 and early 2017, the Ledger-Enquirer published a series of articles purportedly authored by either “Drew Cloud” or another fictitious Student Loan Report writer and published in connection with an advertising arrangement between the Ledger-Enquirer and LendEDU. While the Ledger-Enquirer was not aware that “Drew Cloud” and the other authors were fictitious characters, these stories should not have been published without full disclosure of the advertising relationship between the Ledger-Enquirer and LendEDU.

We profoundly regret that we failed to fully disclose the advertising relationship between the Lender-Enquirer and LendEDU.

Where each of those articles appeared on the Ledger-Enquirer’s site, we have now replaced the text with an editor’s note explaining the situation. In the interest of transparency, we have collected the texts of all of those articles in one file so that you can see them for yourself.