Business briefs: Verizon: XLTE should add capacity, speed in Columbus

Verizon Wireless said recently it has expanded its newest technology - known as XLTE - to more Georgia locations to boost 4G LTE network capacity and enhance high-speed services for customers, including those in Columbus.

More than half of Verizon's 4G LTE 500-plus markets -- including Atlanta, Athens, Augusta and Columbus -- have been enhanced with XLTE, with more scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, the company said.

XLTE uses Verizon's AWS (Advanced Wireless Services) spectrum, which allows it to deliver significantly increased capacity over its high-speed 4G LTE network, it said. This means more customers in high-traffic locations can access the company's most advanced technology at the same time to send photos, download videos, surf the Internet and use other popular applications on their smartphones, tablets and other devices during times of peak usage.

The company said XLTE technology is particularly effective in enhancing wireless network performance in settings with a concentrated group of high-data demand customers, such as densely-populated areas, rush hours, concert venues, sports arenas and stadiums, and other large event locations.

Georgia is top state for business, CNBC study finds

CNBC said recently the results of its eighth annual list of America's Top States for Business show Georgia at the top. Georgia scored 1,659 out of 2,500 points.

"Georgia has always been a strong performer in our rankings with its well-developed infrastructure and top notch workforce," said CNBC Senior Correspondent Scott Cohn, who created the annual study and compiled this year's results. "For 2014, a rebounding economy propels Georgia to the top, though the state still has work to do on education and quality of life." offers a detailed analysis of how Georgia claimed the top spot including a complete economic snapshot (employment, budget, tax and housing data). The rankings for all 50 states are available at

Here are America's Top 5 states for business:

1. Georgia (Highest rank, No. 1 in infrastructure and workforce; lowest rank, No. 32 in quality of life and education)

2. Texas (Highest rank, No. 1 in economy and infrastructure; lowest rank, No. 37 in quality of life)

3. Utah (Highest rank, No. 1 in access to capital; lowest rank, No. 46 in education)

4. Nebraska (Highest rank, No. 3 in business friendliness; lowest rank, No. 40 in technology and innovation)

5. North Carolina (Highest rank, No. 4 in economy and workforce; lowest rank, No. 34 in quality of life)