Tattoo studio bringing skin art, body piercings to Peachtree Mall

(Image courtesy of Infamous Ink)

A tattoo studio with locations in Athens, Ga., and Greensboro, N.C., has plans to set up shop in Peachtree Mall this fall, with designs on bringing skin art and body piercings to those who frequent the Manchester Expressway shopping center.

The business, called Infamous Ink Tattoo Co., looks to open in October or November, with the site inside the mall yet to be nailed down due to lease discussions now underway, said Dave McNeil, a partner in the venture with Chris Schiavi, a soldier now stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C.

“We want to be in the main part of the mall. We’ve got two other shops in malls and they do pretty good,” said McNeil by phone from the Athens studio located at Georgia Square Mall. The other Infamous Ink location is at Four Seasons Mall in Greensboro. He has been partners with Schiavi since 2012.

“We get a different clientele, I guess,” McNeil said. “We’re trying to be a little classier shop. ... We do lots of like soccer moms. The other day I tattooed a grandma who came in with her granddaughter. ... We get more of the working class, I guess, like blue-collar people.”

Infamous Ink expects to move one or two artists from its current locations to launch the Peachtree Mall location, said McNeil, who has been a tattoo artist since 2008. The business is currently advertising for tattoo artists from the local area.

Tattoos have grown in popularity over the last couple of decades, with mainstream Americans young and old, from college students to working professionals, seeking ways to express themselves with skin art. There also has been a proliferation of elaborate designs — limited only by the human imagination — which McNeil said is “all over the board.”

“Right now, if you type in tattoo on Pinterest, it’s the first 10 things that pop up that are probably the most popular right now,” he said. “Little simple things come in trends, like infinity symbols and stuff like that.”

The minimum cost for a tattoo at the Columbus mall will be $50, McNeil said, which will be something about 2 inches by 2 inches. From there, he said, it basically boils down to how much time someone has and the size of their budget.

“I’ve got a guy I’ve been working off and on for four or five years now and he’s probably got about 8 or 9 grand into his,” he said.

Infamous Ink will join about a half dozen or so tattoo shops already in the local market, a cluster of them in south Columbus near Fort Benning.