Aflac releases report on efforts to better community in 2015

Columbus-based supplemental insurer Aflac recently released its 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

The comprehensive report highlights the community activities conducted by the company, its employees and independent agents throughout 2015. Top highlights include surpassing the $100 million mark for contributions to childhood cancer treatment and research, creating an innovative process to pay claims in one day and fostering Aflac’s diversity throughout the organization.

The report is available at

“Whether donating to children’s cancer charities, creating a diverse workforce or paying our customers faster than our competition, at Aflac we have always prided ourselves on doing the right thing, even if it’s not the easiest route to take,” Aflac Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dan Amos said in a statement. “This report is a window into our company that enables policyholders, shareholders and the public to share in Aflac’s dedication to transparency, ethics and integrity — the ‘duckprints’ that we leave on our world.”

The title and theme of the 2015 report, “Leaving Our Duckprints,” pays homage to the company’s iconic advertising mascot, the company said, and represents Aflac’s promise to do right by the people who entrust their lives and livelihoods the insurer. It includes testimonials from policyholders who have been helped by Aflac products and services, as well as environmental conservation reporting and information about Aflac’s commitment to honest and transparent governance.

The theme also reflects Aflac’s ongoing philanthropic causes, which the company calls “Duckprints,” asking readers to consider how they will leave positive impressions on their community, the nation and the world.

The report is divided into chapters reflecting Aflac’s governance, workplace, corporate giving and environmental sustainability. It also includes extraordinary stories about Aflac employees who have made significant individual contributions to the community, including James Mailman, who continues to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to help children battling pediatric cancer. He was been named a 2015 Hero of the Fortune 500 by Fortune Magazine.