Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Transactions -- December 5


Selected property transactions in Muscogee County, recorded September 10 - October 26:

William Homeyer to Matthew Berger; 531 1st Avenue; $152,500

Robert Seliba to G Pool House, LLC; 533 Broadway; $155,000

Erik Norman to Ardythe McDowell; 6819 Sharmel Lane; $155,000

Kathryn Carlson to Charlotte Doleman; 4416 Conisburgh Way; $155,000

Timothy Michel to Donna Kimbro; 11 Peppertree Court; $156,500

Percy Williams to Briana Haynes; 1126 Richland Drive; $157,900

Titus Bishop to Errol Kama, Jr; 5610 Holland Drive; $159,900

Milan Sanghvi to Corey Gaines, Sr.; 3514 Marriott Drive; $159,900

Neville Holder to Christopher Granberry; 4015 Sears Road; $160,000

Carol Simonds to Alexis Cruz; 3302 College Drive; $165,000

Jacob Leask to John Ford; 1607 17th Avenue; $165,500; residential

Meredith King to Deborah King; 1009 Whitesville Walk Drive; $169,000

Rudolph Lovell to Tony Ferguson; 4614 Labrador Drive; $169,900

Gross Properties, LLLP to RHM Investments, LLC; map & parcel 027-037-006, 027-037-005, 069-020-012; $173,000

Shawn Griffin to Tung Nguyen; 5568 Stubben Court; $173,525

Grayhawk Homes, Inc. to Esperanza Hood; 1529 Antietam Drive; $173,700

Gussy Up, LLC to Gerald Sumner; 11 Leah Court; $175,000

Lewis Williams, Jr. to Brandon Hill; 5558 Stuben Court; $175,900

Lisa Pyburn to Robert Carter; 7613 Baron Court; $176,400

Randall Krueger to Neal Beckman; 4001 Hardwood Way; $177,450

Craig Norris to Abraham Hernandez; 8062 Garrett Pines Drive; $183,000

Darryl Williams, Jr to Twanner Williams; 4529 Village Court; $184,000; residential

Iverson Shaver, III to Fieldale Farms Corporation; 6701 Ironstone Drive; $186,602

Grayhawk Homes, Inc to John Salary; 5194 Sand Hill Drive; $192,543; residential

Missy Fuller to Steven Hatton; 3427 Cambridge Drive; $193,000

Rodney Milner and Billy Harrelson to Speed Petro, LLC; 1908 Manchester Expressway; $195,000

Daniel Steinhoff to Gary Desire; 5223 Crystal Court; $196,000

Bank of America to Bonna Sierra; 8609 Battery Drive; $201,000; residential

Lucas J. Sagarin and Kelly L. Sagarin to Gustavo Ortis; 7922 Greenfield Court; $210,900

Willis Plantation, LLC to Grayhawk Homes, Inc; 2301 Airport Thruway, Suite E6; $216,000; residential

Gary Lisle to Sandra Avera; 1438 Grove Park Drive; $222,000; residential

Leary & Brown, Inc to Kathleen Mason; 1259 Woodville Court; $223,475

Terry Linander to Wayne Bailey; 7128 W Wynfield Loop; $224,500; residential

Lowell Hammock to Manuela Faulk; 11131 Rambling Trail, $235,000

The Sho-Place, Inc to Cearley Investments, LLC; 1300 13th Street; $240,000

Grayhawk Homes, Inc to Ronald Lawson; 7321 Sorrel Court; $258,418

Gerald Sumner to Melba Skipper; 7141 Standing Boy Road; $262,500; residential

Jennifer Yancey to Kenneth Janke, Jr; 8818 River Road; $270,000; residential

Dawn L. Upshaw to Norman Easterbrook; 1347 Eberhart Avenue; $274,500

Grayhawk Homes, Inc to Phillip Corbett; 10144 Sable Court; $293,632; residential

David McMicken to Michael Malo; 4012 Creek Bend Ridge Drive; $349,521

John Abernathy, MD to Doris McClung; 329 Cascade Road; $420,000

B Seth Harp, Jr to 936, LLC; 936 2nd Avenue; $475,000; commercial

Martha Venable to Chattahoochee Rafting Company, Inc; 1661 Forest Avenue; $580,000

Sagi, LLC to McDonald Oil Company; Whittlesey Boulvard; $593,152; commercial

Michael Malo to Clarence Powell, Sr; 8619 Creekrise Drive; $629,000

James Arnette to Peter Anello; 671 Mobley Road; $750,000; residential

Robert E Morgan and Janet F Morgan to Paul Watson; 6151 Waterford Road; $1,062,500


Selected building permits in Harris County, recorded October 15 - November 30:

Pleasant Grove Road; Diversified Trees, Inc; $48,000; barn

232 Hamilton Square Street; Carlisle Services, Inc; $75,075; commercial addition

602 Robin Drive; Marlion Allen; $25,418; demolition

851 Bethany Church Road; James Ogletree; $12,487; demolition

413 Baker Road; Milbourne Corporation; $224,380; single family dwelling

153 Pine Oak Way; Edgar Hughston Builders; $223,535; single family dwelling

1980 Hoody Hudson Road; Robert Ashley Construction; $194,025; single family dwelling

113 Valley Bluff Drive; Edgar Hughston Builders; $115,440; single family dwelling

837 Day Lake Drive; Trademark Quality Homes; $280,540; single family dwelling

859 Day Lake Drive; Trademark Quality Homes; $331,565; single family dwelling