GAME REVIEW: 'Bullet Witch'

"Bullet Witch." Category: Shooter-fighting. Format: Atari Games for Xbox 360. Web site: Price: $59.99. Rated: M for Mature. Two stars (out of four).


It's 2013 A.D. and the world as we know it is utter turmoil.

The human race is almost extinct because of natural disasters, disease, wars and an army of monsters who want to take out all of humanity.

And it's up to Alicia, a witch with a magical bullet-spraying broom to stop the demonic monsters and save the day. Sounds like the typical save-the-world video game storyline, huh?

Though the story lacks in originality, "Bullet Witch" for the Xbox 360 is a surprisingly fun affair.

The game developer, Atari, really took its time to make sure it made a fun one-player title. As Alicia, you get to carry a broom-like gun, called a gunrod, and can hit monsters and goblins by shooting or swinging it at them.

The game is also pretty detailed. For example, when Alicia jumps during the game to dodge enemy attacks, the camera angles and screen seem to sway with her every move.

But the fun part of game is when Alicia learns how to cast spells to take out her enemies. She can throw cars and trucks, summon the weather and can even call on a meteor shower. The more difficult the enemies, the more powerful the weapon Alicia has at her disposal to use against them.

The game is not incredibly hard to conquer, but that is not a bad thing. It has several skill modes that determine the amount of difficulty a gamer has while playing. (This writer played on the normal mode and beat the game in 5 1/2 hours.)

The only knock on "Bullet Witch" is that the graphics are a bit choppy in some areas.

Sometimes instead of taking you through the whole storyline, it's better to incorporate it as you play the game. But once you get through learning about what "Bullet Witch" is about, you'll be ready to take on the demons and kick some monster tail.

Overall, this is a fun title and is sure to keep a gamer busy for a few hours.