PRODUCT REVIEWS: A roundup of personal tech products

The first CDMA BlackBerry Smartphone capable of global roaming will be available from Verizon Wireless this month.

The 8830 World Edition Smartphone allows users to travel the world without changing phone numbers or e-mail addresses.

Phones with CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access) technology allow more users to connect at a given time, allow better voice and data communications.

Along with standard phone communication, the BlackBerry 8830 also gives the user e-mail, an organizer, a media player for video and music, web browsing and instant messaging. Memory can be expanded with the built-in Micro SD memory card slot.

A trackball is built into the top of the keypad to allow single handed navigation for scrolling and clicking functions.

Verizon says users can add a high-capacity battery to extend talk and usage time up to 220 minutes or 216 hours of standby.

Pricing is dependent on the plans chosen with Verizon.


Camera Armor has added to its line of protective cases for digital SLR cameras.

The durable case protects the camera but allows full access to all the camera's features.

Without removing the case, memory cards, lenses and batteries can be changed.

The body of the camera is put in a case, which has a patented impact dampening silicone housing called the Body Armor. The case is not fully waterproof, but will provide the needed protection from small rain drops or other moisture.

The camera's LCD shield is protected with a transparent polycarbonate cover.

The lens gets protected with a Lens Armor, a protective ring that stretches to fit most common lenses. This hood can double as a sun shield but can roll up out of the way for a wide angle setting.

Camera Armor is available for most of the SLR's from Canon and Nikon, along with other top brands. Check their Web site for a list.

Prices range from $49.95 to $59.95 depending on the camera model.


WiebeTech's Mouse Jiggler is a solution for users who don't want their computers to go to sleep.

Many workplace computers are set up to prevent users from changing the amount of idle time before a computer "goes to sleep." This is the perfect solution to overcome this.

Plug Mouse Jiggler into a USB port and it does the rest, without having to load other software.

The hardware is built like a standard USB flash drive and prevents computers from going to sleep or entering a screen saver mode while performing a download or while the computer is idle.

No longer will users have to type a password to wake up the computer.

The Mouse Jiggler sells for $29.95 at many online retailers and is available for both Mac and Windows users.