5 Questions

5 questions with Judy Pearce: Meet the executive director of CORTA

When did you start playing tennis?

I started playing tennis in 1987 when I took a continuing education class at Columbus College (now CSU). Turns out I got a bonus. Not only did I learn to play tennis, but I later married my instructor.

Who is your favorite tennis player, past or present?

Roger Federer is my favorite player. His play is very stylish and elegant and he believes in good sportsmanship.

If you could play doubles with anyone in the world, who are the other three people?

Roger Federer, Monica Seles and Fabrice Santoro.

What is the best of the tennis grand slams?

I love the US Open. There’s such a great atmosphere there. And I love the excitement of the nighttime matches. Best of all it is in the same time zone so I don’t have stay up all night to watch it!

Why is the game of tennis so important to you?

It is a beautiful sport to watch and can be a lifelong activity. It is good exercise and something that a person can do well into their senior years. I also love the social aspects of the game. Most of all I’d have to say that tennis changed my life. Not only did I meet my husband through tennis, but I have also been introduced to great friends through the game. I never dreamed that I would work in tennis, but it has been a great career.

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