5 Questions

5 Questions with Anthony Estes

You grew up in a Pentecostal church in Detroit. How did you become an Episcopalian?

While at seminary at Emory University, I interned at an Episcopal church. I was fascinated with the liturgy since I was a child, so I saw this internship as an opportunity to give into fascination. That was three years ago. I found something in the Episcopal tradition that I didn't even know I was missing. And I'm having a blast!

How are you observing Lent?

I think the whole purpose of religious fasting is to quiet down and look more intently for the voice and present work of the Holy. Abstaining from foods or social media for 40 days is great. However, returning to life as usual as if Lent didn't happen and not prepared to make healthier choices defies the purpose of fasting. So I observe the fast by being much more aware.

Looking for God deeply in the faces of people I meet every day. Speaking up for the voiceless and being silent when I don't want to hear someone else's point of view. It's been very humbling and gratifying so far.

How did you end up in Columbus?

A few months before I graduated from seminary, I was trying to discern what my next step would be. The assisting bishop of this diocese thought that Trinity Church would be a great place to continue my formation as an Episcopalian. I called the rector and he told me that he didn't have a job for me, but he thought a three-month internship would be great for my formation. Well, the people of Trinity have been so kind to support me for an additional nine months, so I'll be around until this fall.

What has been your impression of Columbus?

I'm definitely a city boy. I grew up in the Midwest. My family is still in Detroit. From there, I moved to Atlanta for seminary in 2011. So I'm used to fairly large cities. Columbus feels small by comparison, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in grits and hospitality.

What is the best kept secret in the Chattahoochee Valley?

I don't get out much (perhaps that should be my Lenten discipline), so I couldn't really say what the best kept secret is. Based on my experience here, I'd offer the view of the Chattahoochee River from the 13th Street bridge. I like seeing all the water rushing there. Michigan is surrounded by water, so the "Hooch" reminds me of home. And the view there or anywhere on the RiverWalk is particularly compelling.

Vital stats

Name: Anthony Estes

Age: 29 Job: Ministry Intern, Trinity Episcopal Church

Hometown: Detroit

Current home: Lakebottom

Family: Just me

Education: Rochester (Mich.) College, bachelor's of science in Interdisciplinary Studies; Emory University

Favorite book: "The Sword of Truth" series by Terry Goodkind

Favorite movie: "The Lion King"

Favorite restaurant: The Flying Biscuit

Favorite quote: "Only what you do for Christ will last." My Mother quoting Raymond Rasberry

Favorite song: "Keep that Same Old Feeling" -- The Crusaders

Best concert attended: Vanessa Bell Armstrong's 1997 live recording of "Desire of My Heart"