Want to adopt? These three Muscogee children need loving homes

Nine-year-old Rodreavious “Rod” enjoys laughing, singing and watching action movies.

Twelve-year-old Makayla likes singing, dancing and learning about math.

Fifteen-year-old Aryan is a good student who loves learning new things.

All three children are now eligible for adoption through the Muscogee County Department of Family and Children Services, which is seeking adoptive parents willing to give a child a loving home. The Ledger-Enquirer wrote adoption initiatives in Muscogee County and across the state in a recent article. DFCS requested that the children’s last names not be published due to state law protecting privacy.

Cheryl Cameron, regional adoption coordinator for the Chattahoochee Valley area, said there are currently 39 children up for adoption in Muscogee County. Rodreavious, Makayla and Aryan are the only three without “adoptive resources” such as relatives or foster parents interested in pursuing permanent custody.

“Muscogee County is very fortunate in that the majority of their foster parents do make the decision to adopt,” she said. “In addition, they have a large number of relatives who are adopting currently.”

The three children are featured on an “It is My Turn Georgia” website that includes photos and information of children eligible for adoption throughout the state. Here is additional information about the three children, according to the state website:

  • Rodreavious “Rod”, born 1/07, is an outspoken African American boy who enjoys listening to gospel music, playing basketball at the Boys & Girls Club, and watching basketball games.
  • Makayla, born 1/04, is an expressive African American child with positive energy and a good personality. She hopes to be a professional singer, dancer or actor someday.
  • Aryan, born 2/01, is a smart, honest, creative, energetic, independent, respectful, well-behaved and sometimes shy Hispanic/Caucasian teen who earns all A’s and B’s at school.

For more information about adopting these and other children through DFCS, call 877-210-KIDS.

Alva James-Johnson: 706-571-8521, @amjreporter