CCG to honor public servants who died in 2016 - here’s the list

In total, they represent 773 years of public service to the community, having worked various jobs within the Columbus Consolidated Government.

Most eventually retired from their labor; but three were still active employees when they passed from this life.

Now the 38 men and women - all of whom died in 2016 - will be remembered at a Celebration of Life Memorial Tribute. The event will be held March 8, 4:30 to 5:30, on the Plaza Level of the Government Center.

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson and City Manager Isaiah Hugley will be among those who pay tribute to those who served the community, according to a news release issued by the city’s Human Resources Department. The family and friends, as well as the general public, are invited to share in the celebration of life.

“They realized the importance of their civic responsibility to take part in making this community a better place to live,” according to a news release issued by the City Human Resources Department. “Public safety officers will be honored as well, who despite the inherent risk involved in being part of any organization that enforces order, took pride and honor in their service.”

The CCG retired and active employees who died in 2016 are as follows:

Lucy M. Albritton, Parks & Recreation, 16.5 years of service, 5/16/1973 to 1/30/1990, (RETIRED)

Harrol Anderson, Columbus Police Department, 32 years of service, 2/05/1959 to 6/30/1991 (RETIRED)

Norma J. Ausburn, Traffic Engineer, 32.5 years of service, 2/18/1980 to 12/31/2012 (RETIRED)

Larry S. Banks, Columbus Police Department, 35.5 years of service 09/30/1974 to 3/31/2010 (RETIRED)

Brenda W. Bass, Public Works, 15 years of service, 1/29/1991 to 1/31/2006 (RETIRED)

Melvin J. Bishop, Public Works, 26.5 years of service, 9/19/1979 to 5/31/2006 (RETIRED)

Ralph S. Caulton, Public Works, 17 years of service, 5/01/1970 to 4/30/1987 (RETIRED)

Deborah J. Crumbley, Fire/EMS & Human Resources, 28.5 years of service, 3/16/1987 to 2/21/2016 (ACTIVE)

James “Larry” Dixon, Board of Tax Assessors, 16.5 years of service, 11/05/1998 to 6/30/2015 (RETIRED)

Shirley A. Elliott, State Court Solicitor, 17.5 years of service, 10/02/1995 to 6/30/2013, (RETIRED)

Trudie Farley, Sr., Marshal/Parks & Recreation, 14 years of service, 4/01/1972 to 9/30/1986 (RETIRED)

Philip J. Guyette, Public Works, 9.5 years of service, 9/27/1993 to 5/20/2003 (RETIRED)

Robert F. Heath, Columbus Police Department, 30.5 years of service, 7/08/1955 to 6/30/1986 (RETIRED)

Thelma L. Iverson, Muscogee County Sheriff’s Department, 22 years of service, 12/01/1977 to 2/29/2000 22 years(RETIRED)

Margaret Ann Jiles, Adult Probation, 18.5 years of service, 7/01/1971 to 12/31/1989 (RETIRED)

Christopher J. Jones, Muscogee County Sheriff’s Department, 7.48 years of service, 7/23/2007 to 1/16/2015 (RETIRED)

Richard J. Kelly, Jr., Clerk of Municipal Court, 9 years of service, 5/12/2001 to 8/31/2010 (RETIRED)

Santiago “Paco” Martinez, Muscogee County Sheriff’s Department, 8.5 years of service, 9/15/2003 to 9/01/2012 (RETIRED)

Theo Mathis, Municipal Court, 9.5 years of service, 4/04/1981 to 12/31/1990 (RETIRED)

George McCoy, Public Works, 27.5 years of service, 6/12/1973 4/30/2001 (RETIRED)

Gloria J. McFolley, CPD/E911, 15.5 years of service, 11/04/1996 to 5/31/2012 (RETIRED)

Thelma L. McNeil, CPD/E911, 22.5 years of service, 8/18/1970 to 4/30/1993 (RETIRED)

James Miles, Public Works, 35 years of service, 3/02/1976 to 3/31/2011 (RETIRED)

Rose M. Parker, WIA/Job Training Division, 25 years of service, 10/22/1990 to 4/06/2016 (ACTIVE)

James M. Parrish, Public Works, 23 years of service, 9/24/1984 to 10/03/2007 (RETIRED)

Ferrell C. Peed, Public Works, 17 years of service, 6/01/1971 to 4/30/1989 (RETIRED)

James Sapp, Muscogee County Sheriff’s Department, 17.5 years of service, 2/01/1965 to 7/31/1982 (RETIRED)

Russell Scott, Metra Transportation, 17.5 years of service, 11/21/1987 to 7/31/2005 (RETIRED)

Hilda W. Sessions, Human Resources, 25 years of service, 4/01/1957 to 4/30/1982 (RETIRED)

William L. Slaughter, Judge Recorder’s Court, 27.5 years of service, 3/15/1963 to 12/31/1990 (RETIRED)

James E. Smith, Parks & Recreation, 24.5 years of service, 8/19/1991 to 2/06/2016 (ACTIVE)

Peyton J. Smith, Muscogee County Sheriff’s Department, 8.5 years of service, 2/04/1989 to 8/31/1997 (RETIRED)

Steven D. Smith, Muscogee County Sheriff’s Department, 25 years of service, 1/20/1983 to 2/28/2008 (RETIRED)

Bob (S.O.) Swygert, WIA/Job Training Division, 10.5 years of service, 1/29/1984 to 11/30/1994 (RETIRED)

Charlie S. “Debo” Thirkield, Public Works, 26.5 years of service, 9/15/1979 to 4/30/2006 (RETIRED)

Jesse T. Toole, Fire Department, 29 years of service, 1/02/1967 to 7/31/1996 (RETIRED)

Thomas Mark Woodhams, Recorder’s Court, 17.5 years of service, 3/29/1999 to 9/30/2016 (RETIRED)

Edna Louise Woofin, District Attorney, 12.08 years, 6/17/1987 to 7/31/1999 (RETIRED)

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