Move that junked car and don’t let bushes, weeds overtake your mailbox

This property at 2411 Edgewood Road is facing possible action from the city for a junked van, overgrown weeds and solid waste in Columbus.
This property at 2411 Edgewood Road is facing possible action from the city for a junked van, overgrown weeds and solid waste in Columbus. benw@ledger-enquirer.com

If your mailbox has almost disappeared with overgrown bushes, you are probably in violation of a city ordinance. And that old junked car parked in the same spot for years also needs to go.

City officials said both are probably in violation of a city ordinance. City officials are well acquainted with the weed choked property at 4630 Marie Ave. and a host of violations at 2411 Edgewood Road. Callers from both neighborhoods are concerned about rodents and reducing property values in two of Columbus’ recognized neighborhoods.

“It’s a detriment to the neighborhood,” a neighbor said.

Edgewood Road is near the Country Club of Columbus and Hilton Avenue while Marie Avenue backs up to Cooper Creek Park.

Pat Biegler, director of Public Works for the Columbus Consolidated Government, said the property on Marie Avenue was cleaned up by the owner in early July and the case was closed but now it has to go back into the system. “I have to put it back into the system and look at it again,” she said. “It is a long process.”

Weeds and bushes have almost hidden the mailbox and some windows to the home are almost covered with overgrown bushes. The city’s action depends on whether someone is living in the house or not. “We have to send them a registered letter and give them time to clean it up,” she said.

On Edgewood Road, the city is much closer to getting the property cleaned up. More than six weeks ago, the city send a letter to the owner but just received it back last week.

“Nobody signed for it,” she said of the notice. “Once that happens, then we can go ahead and get a contractor for the mowing. We can’t do that until we follow the legal procedure.”

The property valued at more than $325,000 is plagued with overgrown weeds, a junked van in the back yard and solid waste stored on the site. Biegler noted weeds have to be cut and solid waste removed before the vehicle can be removed.

With heavy rain recently, the city gets more calls about high grass all over the city. “We have a contractor,” she said. “If we hand him 10 work orders at one time, some of them take some time. I don’t know where this property will be on the list. We will make sure it gets on the list and we will keep it moving forward the best we can.”

If residents are concerned about properties in the neighborhood, she urges residents to call the city and report it. “They need to make sure they call it in,” she said. “We don’t have a lot of staff to follow up in all of this. We can get out there and start working on the problem.”

Dealing with foreclosures and abandoned properties has gotten better than it was but it’s still a problem. “It is unfortunate with foreclosures in homes and the economic situation,” she said. “It’s a little better than it was but we still see a lot of those kind of situations.”

None of the owners were home last week although the city has a green light now to do something with the cleanup on Edgewood Road.

If you have seen something that needs attention, give me a call.