City of Columbus looking for new Clerk of Council after audit suggested changes

Tiny Washington\
Tiny Washington\

Two months after an audit uncovered missing contracts, minutes and some ordinances still not updated in the Clerk of Council’s office, the position appears to be in jeopardy in the Columbus Consolidated Government.

Clerk of Council Tiny Washington has been on paid leave since Aug. 3 and the 10-member Columbus Council agreed to keep her out of the office on Aug. 14, the day the audit findings were released. Her position was posted internally a week ago on the city’s website at a salary of $62,927 and a starting date of Jan. 8, 2019.

Washington, 58, has been a city employee for more than 38 years and clerk of council since Jan. 1, 1996, human resources records show. She serves at the pleasure of the council.

Mayor pro-tem Evelyn Turner Pugh said the Clerk of Council’s position is up for approval before council every two years.

“We will be appointing somebody,” Pugh said Saturday.

Turner counldn’t recall whether the position had been posted in the past at the end of the clerk’s two-year term.

Washington was responsible for managing the agenda for council meetings, recording ordinances and resolutions adopted by the council and keeping accurate minutes. She also updated the code of ordinances when changes were made and kept information on 40 boards, committees and commissions among other duties.

In the audit, it was suggested that it would be beneficial to have a certified person in the postion with a solid foundation not to just move forward, but to also maintain the office in the future. Washington’s annual salary is about $79,753.

Pugh said the council is still looking into findings from the audit.

“We are working on it now,” she said.

Councilor Evelyn “Mimi” Woodson requested an audit of the office and won approval from council on Nov. 28, 2017. The report was released after a seven-month review.