Trafficking charge reduced in $9,702 spice bust on Hamilton Road at 27th Street

A Leesburg, Ga., man is no longer facing a trafficking in marijuana charge after $9,702 worth of spice was found in the car he was driving Wednesday on Hamilton Road at 27th Street.

Darrell Ball, 33, of Leesburg, Ga., pleaded not guilty to trafficking in spice, possession of THC oil, possession of drug related objects and having excessive windshield tint. Matt Brown, assistant district attorney, agreed with Ball’s public defender Erik Smith to a lesser charge of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute in stead of trafficking in spice. Recorder’s Court Judge Julius Hunter set bonds totaling $18,000 on the spice, THC oil, possession of drug related objects and having excessive tint.

Daniel Phillips, an officer with the Special Operations Unit, said Ball was stopped on Hamilton Road asfter his windshield had tint of 16 percent, well below the state level of 32 precent. Ball handed the officer a pipe that smelled of marijuana after Phillips asked about items in the vehicle.

Ball appeared nervous before the officer asked if anything else was inside the car. Officers found two vaccuum sealed bags on the floor on the reaer passenger’s side of vehicle. Officers also found THC or tetrahydrocannabinol oil, the main ingredient found in marijuana. The marijuana weighted 2.2 pounds with a street value of $9,702.

After taking a better look at the sealed bags with an American flag on it, Phillips said it was a plant like substance that had been sprayed with synthetic chemicals. “It’s way more potent than THC,” he said.

Brown asked the officer about people on the drug. Phillips recalled an individual who was found totaly nude .

The officer told the court that the oil and spice have been sent to the crime lab but not yet tested. For that reason, Smith asked for a lower bond than the $10,000 requested by Brown .