Group protesting circumcision visits Columbus, grabs attention of passing motorists

A small group of men and one woman, dressed all in white except for red blotches on their crotches, visited Columbus Monday to spread a message not often discussed unless you’re the parents of a newborn boy.

The Bloodstained Men & Their Friends gathered at the intersection of Manchester Expressway and University Avenue near Peachtree Mall to protest circumcision.

“It violates the boy’s right to control over his own body,“ said Harry Guiremand, the group’s spokesperson. “If you let him grow up with his entire body he can decide if he wants to lose any part of it.”

Columbus was their next-to-last stop on a tour across Georgia to raise awareness about circumcision. Guiremand said reactions to their visits have been mixed.

“Some people are angry when they see us, but we get a lot of people who say you guys are right,” he said. “Sometimes we have people come up to us and say we saw you a couple years ago, or we saw you in another city and because we saw you we kept our boy intact.”

Bloodstained Men & Their Friends began their protests in Atlanta over the Super Bowl weekend and will conclude the tour on Feb. 12 in Macon.