Martin found guilty of capital murder

Just before noon today, Brent Martin of Phenix City was found guilty of three counts of kidnapping and three counts of capital murder.

As he listened to the verdict, his face registered no expression.

The trial will resume Wednesday morning with the sentencing phase, during which the jury will decide whether to recommend life without parole or death.

The jury took just over 1 hour to return a verdict.

During the trial held in a Russell County Circuit courtroom, Alicia Dixon recounted the events of Sept. 8, 2005, telling jurors that Martin, 33, forced her and her friend's young daughter into a car at gunpoint. Hours later, that car trip led to the shooting deaths of Johnnie Randolph III, 21, and Darryl Maurice Carrillo, 18, she said.

Brent Martin is already serving two consecutive life sentences for his January 2006 escape from the Russell County Jail and the attempted murder of a guard.

If Martin is convicted of the murders, jurors will be asked to decide whether he should be sentenced to death by lethal injection or life without parole.