Burned body identified; six men arrested

Columbus Police say they've identified a body found Friday in a burning car at Flat Rock Park, and six men have been arrested and charged in connection with the death, the 19th of the 20 murder cases opened in Columbus this year.

Police believe the victim was Aubrey Hector, a 28-year-old male and the owner of the vehicle, a 1999 Chrysler Sebring. Hector resided at 1824 Sheffield Drive, Apt. 1, Columbus.

Police said the motive was armed robbery, and that the suspects were purchasing marijuana from the victim and had planned beforehand to rob him of the drugs and money.

The six men arrested were all from Columbus. They are: James Stewart, 18, 5248 Spinnaker Court; Robert Hancock, 17, 5317 Old Dominion Road; Frank Ravenel, 18, No. 6 Trestlewood Court Apt. 2; Vincent Clegg, 19, 5405 Old Dominion Road; Kyle Klamer, 19, 5202 Cunningham Drive; and Michael Jarvis, 18, 6309 Rockefeller Drive.