Council to mull luxury kennel

Columbus Council's going to the dogs Tuesday.

It's to hold a public hearing on rezoning 5 acres at 8200 Fortson Road for a luxury dog kennel entrepreneur Kristi Barry plans to call the Bow Wow Country Club — a pet resort where pooches are pampered with first-class accommodations.

Barry's building plan shows a facility with 10 "luxury suites" and four "penthouses," plus 47 indoor-outdoor runs for more middle-class dogs. The runs would be wrapped around a central courtyard where pets can play while their owners are away.

Barry believes that if all goes well, her Bow Wow Country Club could open in early 2009.

If there's no delay after Tuesday's public hearing, council will vote on the rezoning Aug. 21. The zoning classification would be changed from residential estate to general commercial.