Council ponders saggin' issue

Heeding complaints from people who don't like seeing someone else's underpants, Columbus Council is looking for a legal way to make youngsters quit letting their droopy drawers drag.

"Bustin' a sag" is what some kids call it when they let their oversized pants hang below the waistline to expose their underwear, and city leaders want to know whether they can outlaw that. So they've asked the city attorney to do some research to see what their options are.

Assistant City Attorney Jaimie DeLoach was put on the case and was digging through law books and court precedents Tuesday to determine whether the city can crack down on kids who expose their boxers, their buttocks or both.

Columbus resident Ethalyn Kirby came to Columbus Council's Tuesday meeting to seek a law against sag busting, saying that if local authorities don't tell kids to pull their pants up, someone else will.

"I think it's it's better for the law to say 'Pull up your pants' than for elders' and other citizens' lives to be jeopardized by having to say so," Kirby told councilors.