Soldier injured in night jump

A soldier in Airborne training was injured during a nighttime parachute jump when he landed in a tree, then fell to the ground.

The jump occurred around midnight Wednesday when the soldier attempted to land in Fryer drop zone at Fort Benning. After leaping from approximately 1,250 feet, the wind pushed the soldier into a tree, said Fort Benning Spokesman Nate Snook. He said the drop zone is surrounded by trees. The soldier suffered cuts and a broken vertebrae, but was walking Saturday, Snook said. Snook did not know where the soldier was being treated. Snook also could not provide personal information about the injured soldier, such as his name, rank or where he is from.

In a typical jump, the flight carries approximately 60 soldiers, and not more than 30 soldiers jump out the airplane at a time, Snook said. Airborne school is a three-week course, and all soldiers must make a night jump to graduate.