No one killed in two separate Sunday morning shootings

Police are searching for two men in separate Sunday morning shooting incidents that sent one man to the hospital with an abdominal injury and another with a wound to his head.

The first shooting occurred just after 1 a.m. around Building 402 of Wilson Apartments, said Columbus Police Lt. Vince Pasko. Officers received a call about someone being shot in the abdomen and found Benjamin Tyndall, 19, on the front porch of his apartment when they responded.

Tyndall remains in the hospital in critical condition.

Police have targeted Quentin Tromaine Jones, 19, as a suspect and have issued an arrest warrant for aggravated assault. His whereabouts are unknown.

The second shooting happened an hour later at The Lodge Apartments, 464 North Oakley Drive. James Jarrell, an Army soldier, and Michael Blanton, both 20, were pulling out of a parking space at the apartment complex when another vehicle driving by collided with them, Pasko said.

The 25-year-old female driver got out of her car and began arguing with Jarrell. She called her boyfriend, Gerardo Echevarria, 28, of Lot 52, 3536 St. Marys Road. He arrived with a friend, Isaac Chavarria, 21, of Apt. D210 of The Lodges Apartments.

"Both the subjects assaulted Mr. Blanton," Pasko said. "Chavarria held down Mr. Blanton while Mr. Echevarria hit him."

Echevarria also shot a weapon into the air and then shot Jarrell, hitting him in the face, Pasko said. The bullet entered Jarrell's head on the right side just before the ear and exited just behind it.

"He has been treated and released," Pasko said.

Chavarria was arrested shortly afterward and charged with two counts of aggravated assault. An arrest warrant has been issued for Echevarria, and police are searching for him.