Job pays $54,000 -- Interested?

Looking for a job? Like working with money?

Then maybe you'd like to apply for revenue division manager with the Columbus Consolidated Government — a position that has been open since July 24, when the last division manager left after just 12 days on the job.

City Finance Director Pam Hodge said division manager Catina Coyle worked for the city from July 9 until July 24, then resigned, saying she just couldn't devote the time the job required.

"I was really disappointed," Hodge said. Coyle, whose husband is in the Army, had moved here from the state of Washington, where she had worked for that state's revenue department. Coyle had a bachelor's degree in accounting and a master's in public administration, Hodge said.

So now the job's open again. Posted on the city's Web site, www.columbusga.org, it pays $54,536 a year and requires knowledge and experience in collecting revenue, managing people, analyzing data and knowing relevant laws. Hodge said she's to interview a couple of applicants this week.

The position became controversial last year when city leaders learned the revenue division for years had failed to collect fees from businesses dumping at city landfills, and some debts had grown too old by law to collect.