Murder suspect nabbed in carjacking

A Columbus man wanted for shooting his uncle in the leg has been charged with the murder of 27-year-old man found lying in the middle of Farr Road last month.

Jerome Upshaw was charged Friday with hijacking Anthony Jerome King's 1994 Jeep Cherokee, then pushing King to his death from the moving vehicle in the early morning hours of Aug. 24.

Police discovered King alive in the 900 block of Farr Road, but breathing with difficulty. He was stricken with cardiac arrest on the ambulance ride to The Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead a little while later.

Upshaw already had been arrested and was facing aggravated assault charges when he was charged with murder, Police Lt. Mark D. Starling said Saturday. Upshaw was accused of shooting his uncle in the right thigh during a dispute in the parking lot of Baker Village on July 28.

Acting on information from witnesses, Starling said police attempted to stop Upshaw in the Jeep Cherokee shortly after King was discovered in the road.

Upshaw then took off, leading police on a car chase that ended with Upshaw crashing into a utility pole near 32nd Street and Fifth Avenue, Starling said. Not giving up yet, Upshaw tried to flee on foot, and was found several minutes later hiding in a tree, Starling said.

After police arrested Upshaw, they served the aggravated assault warrant on him in connection with the shooting, but did not charge him in King's murder. Starling said police were waiting on the information from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's crime lab in Atlanta, including an official cause of death.

King was killed by blunt force trauma, Starling said.

Starling said the case remains under investigation, and that other arrests may be made in the case.