Looking for something to do this weekend?

Running all over town, my feet on the ground

I've got a rule about bands. When they start playing "Mustang Sally" — the most clichéd, overplayed of cover songs — I leave. But there's an exception for Peggy Jenkins and her tight backing band, the Rhythm Roosters. Jenkins has such a might strong, rich voice that she could sing 90 minutes of "Mustang Sally," back-to-back, and I'd be there listening with a smile on my face.

The band steps away from her traditional venue, Phenix City's fine Broad Street Blues, for the Uptown Concert Series show Friday night. Add Talbot County acoustic blues picker Precious Bryant to the bill, and it's definitely worth the price of admission. Which is free, by the way. The music starts at 7 p.m. at the 11000 block of Broadway in Columbus. Details: 706-596-0111.

But I'll be up early on Saturday to drive out past Auburn for the annual Loachapoka Syrup Soppin' Day. There's nothing quite like the carb-loading you get from hot biscuits dipped in cane sugar — some of which is made on site, amid the old-fashioned crafts and other food. Details: 334-821-1921.

Saturday night, I'll head to the Civic Center, where the Columbus Cottonmouths get ready for the regular season with an exhibition against Jacksonville Barracudas at 7:30 p.m. It's $5, making it the cheapest hockey seats we're likely to get all year. Details: 706-571-0086.

— Brad Barnes

Kilts and keggers

It's Oktoberfest weekend in Columbus, which means you can expect an elaborate festival complete with boundless cultural energy and a diverse collection of international brews.

Translation: a bar crawl and a bunch of Miller Lights.

The Oktoberfest bar crawl is late Saturday night, but you can start the night early with an authentic German dinner at the Bavarian House, 2528 Weems Road.

Then, head downtown for the bar crawl, perhaps the greatest mecca for cultural confusion.

Consider starting the night at Knockin' Boots, 1047 Broadway. Nothing beats celebrating a German festival at a bar that recently became exclusively country. The Chris Collins Band will perform.

Another exercise in cultural irony? Getting your German groove on at an Irish bar.

Fortunately, you can achieve that goal simply by heading to Scruffy Murphy's, 1037 Broadway, on Saturday.

Rowe, a Birmingham-based rock band, will perform. I can't wait to don my kilt, throw back some Irish whiskey and party on to some good old American music.

For all practical purposes, I'll have traveled the world by 2 a.m.

— Sonya Sorich

The happ, happiest time of the year

Christmas? Don’t be fooled. It’s my birthday this weekend, and I invite all of you to celebrate the anniversary of my impending mortality.

First, cruise on down to the Columbus sci-fi convention from 10 a.m. – 11 p.m. Saturday at the Coca-Cola Space Science Center. Expect cosplay, Star Wars and Star Trek mania and some good ole’ fashioned role playing.

Also, Gil Gerard of “Buck Rogers” fame will be on hand for autographs and a Q&A. Erin Gray, however much you want her to be there, isn’t on the list of guests.

Secondly, as long as you’re in the area, visit the 12th Arts on the River around Front Avenue and Seventh Street. Various artists will be hawking their wares from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturday, so take a look and pick me out something nice for my birthday.

And finally, raise a glass to my triumphant conquest of another year at The Cannon while sitting outside and enjoying a cool autumn day. Why The Cannon, you ask? Because it’s right there, and you don’t even have to get into your car if you don’t want to. It’s not like Gil is going to offer you a Goldens' Ale.

— Alan Riquelmy