Council to consider water ban fines

Columbus Council is scheduled to consider Tuesday a series of fines for repeat violators of any state water ban, such as the one effective in Columbus.

To combat the historic drought Georgia is facing, the state's Environmental Protection Division imposed a Level 4 ban on Muscogee and 60 other counties that forbids people from watering their lawns or washing their cars at home, among other water uses.

Violators are not fined, but the Columbus Water Works can shut off their water if they continually transgress the ban.

The ordinance council will take up would change that.

Ban violators would first get a warning, but after that, they could face a $100 fine.

After a second conviction, the city would hit them with a $500 fine, and after a third conviction, their water would be shut off and they would be required to pay a $1,000 fine to have it turned back on.