Police neutralize suspicious packages in PC

Members of Columbus Metro Emergency Response Team neutralized two suspicious devices Monday afternoon on property in the 1900 block of 40th Street in Phenix City.

Phenix City Police Chief Brian McGarr said, "We contacted a CMERT team, they rendered the devices inert. Now we're in the process of cleaning up the site."

The police did not release the house number where the package containing the devices was found nor did they identify the homeowner, who is apparently deceased.

"There was some work going on in the residence and, while people were in there working, they found an item them felt was suspicious," said McGarr. "After inspection, we thought it to be suspicious so we contacted the emergency team."

About six blocks of 40th Street in Phenix City was cordoned off by police, with multiple emergency vehicles blocking the entrance to 40th Street from Summerville Road.

Kellon Shepard had trouble reaching his home on 40th around 4:30 p.m. today and couldn't reach his house until he told authorities he lived on the road.

"They've got the streets blocked off, and I could barely get in," Shepard said. "They wouldn't tell me anything."

By 5 p.m. the devices had been neutralized, the emergency vehicles departed and the street was reopened to traffic.

(Staff writer Jerry Rutledge contributed to this report.)