New DVDs: Rats make food!

Commercials for the DVD release of "Ratatouille" tout it as "the year's best-reviewed film." Maybe that's hard to believe, considering it's about a rat who desires to be a master chef. But it's true, per Metacritic.com, which culls movie reviews from all over.

Then again, the delightful film comes to us from Pixar, and specifically from director Brad Bird, who brought us the earlier animated treasures "The Incredibles" and "Iron Giant."

"Ratatouille" — or "the rat movie" as kids often call it — is out on DVD today.

Also on shelves: ‘‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry,’’ Michael Moore's ‘‘Sicko,’’ the Beatles' ‘‘Help!’’ and ‘‘America’s Game: Super Bowl I-XL,’’ which is a 40-disc set of hourlong documentaries on each of the first 40 Super Bowls (priced at $200).