Valley students suspended for oral sex

Four students in Valley, Ala. were suspended for having oral sex on school property.

Three students at W.F. Burns Middle School and one student at Valley High School each received five days suspension after classmates reported two separate incidents in which the students were having oral sex at school, Chambers County superintendent Leonard Riley said.

The first incident occurred about a month ago between two seventh grade students during class while the teacher was working with another group of students.

Riley said the incident happened so quickly, even the camera they had in the classroom that day didn't catch it.

A couple of weeks later, a seventh-grade student and a student at Valley High School were caught having oral sex in the back of a school bus.

In both cases, the students were underage and there was no force involved.

"I've been doing this (job) for a long time and I've never had anything like this," Riley said.

The students have already served their suspension and the district is waiting to consult the system attorney before filing charges with police, he said.