City plans to demolish houses

The city government's gearing up to rip down another set of houses failing to meet local building codes. On Columbus Council's agenda for this coming Tuesday are public hearings on tearing down structures with these addresses and owners:

• 3419 Terminal Court; Willie B. Harris, owner.

• 2052 Schatulga Road; Vincent A. Jackson & Brenda F. Bloodshaw, owner.

• 2334 Huggins Street; KMG Homes, LLC, owner.

• 2821 Colorado Street; Nellie Mae Martin, owner.

• 800 Morris Road, Lots 112 and 117; Mercer W. Morris, owner.

• 2060 Mason Street; Nathan Shuler, owner.

• 1032 28th Street; United Congregation Christian Church, owner.

• 708 Lawyers Lane; Catha Williams, owner.

• 2107 Schatulga Road; Ricky Williams, owner.

Council meets in its chambers on the Government Center's plaza level at 9 a.m. Tuesday, when owners hoping to bring their property up to code may appeal for an extension.