SOA Watch schedule set

Here's the schedule for this year's SOA Watch protest; all events are scheduled at Fort Benning main gate on Fort Benning Road:


• 11 a.m. — Gathering music

• 11:30 — Welcome, Father Roy Bourgeois, SOA Watch Founder

• 11:50 — Lydia Lopez, president of the Colombian flower-workers union Untraflores

• 12:05 p.m. — Jacoby Ballard, Committee in Solidarity with the people of El Salvador (CISPES), Latin America Solidarity Coalition; Josefina Lazo, a leader of the National Vendors Movement in El Salvador; Anne Feeney, activist, organizer, songwriter and folksinger

• 12:20 — Ruby Sales, social justice activist and civil rights leader; Felipa Huanca, Aymara indigenous leader from Bolivia; Prince Myshkins, satirical cabaret/folk musicians; Charlie King, folksinger and activist

• 12:40 — Pierre Labossiere, Haiti Action Committee; Carlos Mauricio, human rights activist and torture survivor; Elise Witt, Global, Local & Homemade Songs" get the world singing; Joe Jencks, international touring performer and award-winning songwriter

• 1 — Marino Cordoba, Afto-Colombian human rights activist

• 1:20 — Torture Abolition Survivor Support Coalition, an organization founded by torture survivors; Adriana Portillo Bartow, life-long Guatemalan human rights activist and survivor of the war in Guatemala.

• 1:35 — Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), a community-based worker organization whose members are largely Latino, Haitian, and Mayan Indian immigrants working in low-wage jobs throughout Florida; Victoria Dulce Cepeida-Mojarro, United Students against Sweatshops

• 1:50 — Francisco Herrera, CAMINANTE Cultural Work; Jon Fromer, a soulful mix of folk, blues and R&B; Lisa Sullivan-Rodriguez, SOA Watch Latin America Project Coordinator

• 2:05 — Rising Appalachia, Carnival-Folk and the Banjo Sisters; Aimee Allison, conscientious objector, counter-recruitment organizer

• 2:25 — Holly Near, a unique combination of entertainer, teacher and activist; The Chestnut Brothers, Al and Ty are a singing, songwriting, Rhythm & Blues/Jazz production team.

• 2:35 — Jim Schmitz, AFSCME Director of Organizing

• 2:55 — Michael McPherson, national executive director of Veterans For Peace; Raed Jarrar, Iraqi Peace Activist

• 3:05 — Musicians collective

• 3:20 — Debora Barros Fince, Indigenous Wayuu Woman from Colombia.

• 3:25 — Pam Bowman, SOA Watch Legislative Coordinator; Congressman Jim McGovern

• 3:35 Vientos de Pueblo (Winds of the People), with members from Chile, El Salvador, Mexico and the USA, plays a blend of contemporary music from the Andes and South America.

• 3:45 Father Roy Bourgeois, founder of SOA Watch

• 3:50 Llajtasuyo, music rooted in the traditional Andean rhythmic musical heritage with a unique touch of contemporary influence

• 4:10 Hector Aristizabal, Colombian torture survivor, actor, human rights activist

• 4:15 Pageant with the Puppetista & Bread and Puppets


• 7:15 a.m. — Veterans for Peace and friends will gather at the Days Inn (3170 Victory Drive) to march together to the gates of Ft. Benning

• 8:15 — Veterans Cadence to Close the SOA

• 8:30 — Buddhist Drumming with Peace Pilgrimage

• 8:45 — Musicians collective

• 9 — Mayan Blessing - International Mayan League

• 9:10 — SOA Watch Council and Staff, non-violence guidelines; Dr. Suuqiina, co-founder of Indigenous Messengers International; Dennis Kucinich, U.S. Representative and presidential candidate; Mary Waskowiak, President of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas; Rabbi Michael Lerner, political activist, and the editor of Tikkun

• 9:30 — Musicians collective

• 9:45 — Father Roy Bourgeois, SOA Watch founder; Lisa Sullivan Rodriguez, SOA Watch Latin America Project Coordinator

• 9:55 — Indigo Girls; Adriana Portillo Bartow, life-long Guatemalan human rights activist and survivor of the war in Guatemala

• 10:15 — In honor of the victims: No Más, No More

• 10:25 Commissioning of funeral procession

• 12:25 — Hector Aristizabal, Colombian torture survivor, actor, human rights activist

• 12:30 Puppetista pageant

• 1:10 Clearwater Walkabout Chorus, an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of environmental awareness and social action through song; Gerardo Cajamarca, human rights activist from Colombia; Silvia Brandon Perez, traditional Mexican Folk songs; Mary Shapiro, music with the little ones; Logan Metz, guitar, harmonica, banjo folk; Kosta Haran, Students for a Democratic Society; Meridith Aby, Colombian Action Network; Joyce Johnson Rouse-Earth Momma, songs for the environment; Mike Dubose and the Dissidents, folk rock punk country; Susana Pimiento Chamorro, Fellowship of Reconciliation; Theresa Davis, mother, student, teacher; Clare Hanrahan, 1000 Grandmothers; Gail Phares, Witness For Peace; Mutual Kumquat-progressive indie-roots music

• 3 — Closing