City looks to state to fund 2008 wish list

Columbus city leaders want more money to house state inmates and to build new roads — and they may go to the Georgia legislature to get it.

The city is drawing up its annual wish list for the 2008 session under Atlanta's gold dome. A draft on the city's Web site includes legislation increasing the daily allocation for state inmates in county prisons from $20 to $25, and securing more money for road projects.

And drivers prone to finding yellow envelopes on their windshields beware: the 10-item list of wants includes legislation denying drivers with unpaid parking tickets from renewing their tags and licenses.

Representatives of the Columbus Consolidated Government have scheduled a meeting with legislative delegation for Dec. 4 at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center, at which they will discuss their legislative agenda.

The entire list can be viewed at http://ccga1.columbusga.org/e-cap.nsf