Water Board takes no action on water fines

BY BRIAN McDEARMONbmcdearmon@ledger-enquirer.com,

The policy-making board of the Columbus Water Works decided not act on a proposal to fine people who violate a ban such as the one now restricting water use in Columbus.

Columbus Council asked the Board of Water Commissioners on Oct. 30 to consider an ordinance that would hit ban-breakers with fines of up to $500 for repeat-violations of a watering ban. At its meeting Tuesday, the board decided not take any action on the fines, said chairwoman Kathelen Amos.

The utility's policy now is to remind violators of the ban with door hangers and letters, and repeat violators may have the water shut off, but the Water Works does not fine people.

Muscogee County is one of 61 Georgia Counties under an Environmental Protection Division level 4 watering ban, which prohibits nearly all outdoor watering and car washing at home.