Probate to send business license fee notifications

The Russell County Probate Office is gearing up to mail notifications to Phenix City businesses informing them of the new county business license and gross receipts tax.

The fee has been due since Oct. 1 and will be delinquent after Dec. 31 this year. The deadline was extended by the county commission last month after it became apparent that large numbers of local businesses were unaware of the new fee, put into law by the Alabama Legislature in the 2007 regular session, or unsure of how it impacts their business.

The notifications will alert businesses inside the city and the police jurisdiction that they owe a county business license fee in addition to the city business license, which will become due on Jan. 1.

Probate Judge Alford Harden informed the commission of the in-house hiring of a business license manager and the probability of needing additional funds to mail the notifications, which was not part of his fiscal 2008 budget request.