Couple robbed of insurance settlement

A Columbus couple was robbed of a substantial but undisclosed amount of money they received in an insurance settlement Tuesday night by two men who entered their apartment shortly after midnight.

Columbus Police Lt. Mark Starling said Wednesday the armed robbery occurred at the apartment of Danny and Sherry Ann Ervin off Warm Springs Road. He said Danny Ervin, 43, walked to a convenience store nearby Tuesday night and minutes after he returned, two men entered the apartment, one with a handgun, and demanded money.

When the gunman ordered Sherry Ervin, 53, to produce money under the threat that he would shoot her, she went to her bedroom and produced the insurance settlement money, Starling said.

He said the couple apparently did not see how the men escaped. The couple was not injured.

The men were described as 20-25 years old. One had a light complexion, five-foot-10 to five-foot-11, 140-150 lbs., wearing dark, baggy clothes and brandishing a small silver handgun with a brown handle. The other man was described as five-foot-seven to five-foot-eight with dark clothing and he did not show a weapon.

Sherry Irvin told police she avoided eye contact with the gunman out of fear for her life.