PC council opposes county initiatives

The Phenix City Council passed resolutions Tuesday in opposition to key pieces of the Russell County Commission's revenue enhancement plan, adopted at last week's commission meeting.

The proposed county bills, which will be presented during the 2008 regular session of the Alabama Legislature ion February 2008, includes the County Drink Tax Act, the County Sales and Use Tax and the establishment of a County Regional Water Authority. The city council voted unanimously in opposition to each.

Phenix City Mayor Jeff Hardin acknowledged the county's tight money situation, but said he felt the bills would adversely affect the citizens of the city.

"Russell County has a population of approximately 50,000 people, with about 30,000 of those within city limits," Hardin said. "We represent the people of the city. Anytime Russell County passes a tax increase it is felt by the people of the city. Not only have we not had the opportunity to sit down with the county commission, they have never asked us to sit down and discuss these issues with them before they bring them up. We just think they are bad for the city."

The soft drink tax and a version of the county sales and use tax were both introduced in the legislature during the 2007 regular session.