Police can't locate mystery man

After searching for over 12 hours, public safety officials in Phenix City and Russell County called off a hunt for a missing man who called 911 Thursday night.

At around 8 p.m. 911 dispatchers in Columbus and Phenix City received several broken telephone transmissions a call from a man who said he was walking along the riverbank, had fallen and injured himself.

He told dispatchers he thought he had broken his leg and was losing consciousness.

Columbus police searched, but could find no one. The call was transfered to Phenix City dispatchers.

From the calls, police were able to determine that the man had been driving a truck, was wearing blue jeans and could be around an area near Summit Hospital and the 5th Avenue extension.

Officials from Phenix City Police Department, the Russell County Sheriff's office and the Phenix City Fire Department began searching an area between 33rd Avenue and St. Andrews subdivision.

They ceased searching at around midnight last night due to the inclement weather, then resumed searching until about 12:30 Friday morning.

Police found no trace of the man or the truck he said he was driving.