PC cracking down on sewer bills

Some Fort Mitchell-area residents served by Phenix City sewer lines may soon find themselves capped off from the system if delinquent sewer bills are not paid.

Phenix City Utilities director Greg Glass said some residents owe the city in excess of $1,000 and the Code of Alabama gives the city the right to cut off service if payment is seriously in arrears.

The city has served the households, which are located off Alabama 165 around Nuckols Road and includes Ridgebrook subdivision, since around 2000. Much of the area is now within city limits, but lies within the Fort Mitchell Water District.

"They (the water district) don't have sanitary sewer treatment facilities," said Glass. "The sewage comes to us in Phenix City. There are quite a few pumps involved along the way. We've run into a problem since these things were installed.

"Fort Mitchell sends the water bill and usually the sanitary sewer bill is associated with the water bill. But in this case it doesn't go like that and some of the residents have chosen to ignore their sewer bill. We've sent I don't know how many mail-outs and notices trying to get these things line and I haven't really gotten a good response."

The delinquent bills total between $500 to $1000. The typical monthly sewer bill in Phenix City is $12 to $13.

"It's unfair for the people of Phenix City to have to absorb the electrical bills for dumping all of this stuff and it does wind up in our sewage treatment plant," Glass said. "You don't make a lot of money treating sewage and it is very costly -- electricity, chemicals, etc."