Actress Kerry Washington speaks to two groups on behalf of Barack Obama

Rising Hollywood star Kerry Washington spoke on behalf of Sen. Barack Obama Thursday. The actress, perhaps best known for her roles in the acclaimed "Ray" and "The Last King of Scotland," spoke at the Women for Obama luncheon at the Liberty Theatre and then again to Columbus State University students.

At the Liberty, Washington admitted that she wasn't sure which candidate she would support because as a New Yorker and a feminist, she wanted to be loyal to Sen. Hillary Clinton. But after researching both candidates and leaving race behind, she chose Obama.

She spoke of Obama's grassroots campaign fund-raising and how he has declined money from lobbyists.

Once a politician takes money from a lobbyist, he or she becomes indebted to that company or special interest group.

"The only people he (Obama) will owe is us," Washington said. "And I want a president who will be accountable to me."