Idol auditions feature Miami

"American Idol" judges will evaluate Miami's talent pool in tonight's one-hour episode that airs at 8 p.m. on Fox.

It's among the last of this season's audition shows, which wrap up with Atlanta auditions Feb. 5 and a reported compilation episode Feb. 6.

Tuesday, "Idol" took on Omaha, resulting in a surprisingly impressive talent pool paired with the usual mix of musical train wreck montages. Other highlights included judge Paula Abdul's hiccup spell, annoying enough to make fellow judge Simon Cowell call her "a disgusting little pig."

Get a full recap of Tuesday's show on the "Idol" blog at www.ledger-enquirer.com. As usual, reporter Sonya Sorich will blog tonight's episode "live," so be sure to weigh in with your comments throughout the show.