Three injured in shooting

Three people were shot Sunday night at 500 Fifth Avenue in Columbus. Columbus police say the incident happened at 6:35 p.m. at the Booker T. Washington Apartments. Arthur Alexander, 46, was shot in the left leg, Marcus McBroon, 28, was shot in the left hand and right side, and Melvin Williams, 16, was shot in the right calf and left foot. Each gave police a similar but different account of the shooting. Alexander said he was walking his dog when two smoke gray cars pulled up near the basketball court and four black males with guns got out of each and began firing. He was hit and fell to the ground. McBroon said he had just been at the basketball court for about 15 minutes when a tan Nissan stopped and four black males got out with guns and began firing. Williams told police of a bluish car stopping with four black males stepping out and shooting. Both McBroon and Alexander said they were hit running from the scene. No arrests were made and police are investigating.