Local group Kazual on 'The Maury Show' Tuesday

WHEN TO WATCHWhat: "The Maury Show" features host Maury Povich and the "Maury's Singing Idols"When: 4 p.m. todayStation: WXTV-TV 54Information: 706-494-5400How to vote: Online voting only. Go to www.mauryshow.com The voting starts at 9 a.m. Tuesday for 24 hours. Each group will have an extended video attached to its name with a voting button. Voters can see instantly how their favorite group is doing.

A Columbus R&&B group, Kazual, is going to be on "The Maury Show" today.

"Maury's Singing Idols" features Kazual, a group that formed while the members were students at Rothschild Middle School.

Pledz Hardaway III, and his brothers, Damascus and Gabriel, along with their friend, Eugene Burt Jr., started singing harmonies.

By the time they were in high school, they were at different schools, but still singing together.

Now 28, Pledz acknowledges that people thought they had broken up years ago. They are now based out of Atlanta, but always say they are from Columbus.

"We've been searching for a record deal," he said during a phone interview last week. "That didn't work. So we decided to go with what we know — do shows and with MySpace and You Tube, we could display the different shows we've done."

Pledz said the group is still shopping for a deal, but have resigned themselves that a big record company is not the way to go.

"The industry is plummeting as far as sales go," he said. "So that's not the way to go. We've had advice from different people in the industry who tell us that the independent labels are the way to go. Or to do it yourself. So we thought it would be the best to do it ourselves."

Their latest album should be out later this spring, he said.

As far as the Povich show goes, their manager, Omar Wilson, got an e-mail from one of the producers of the daily show.

"The producer didn't tell us it was 'The Maury Show,' " Pledz said. "They were looking for unsigned talent; a nation-wide search for amazing talent. We were one of the seven chosen."

Instead of singing one of their own songs, Kazual had to sing one of two songs chosen by the Povich show producer.

"The day of, they told us what we were singing," Pledz said.

They will be singing Chris Brown's "With You."

And Pledz said they really didn't get to "pow-wow" with Povich. They just shook his hand backstage.

"They wanted us to have fun with the audience during the commercial breaks," he said. "It was real fun. The talent there was all good. They were all amazing. I guarantee that everybody watching it will say, 'That was a good show.' "