Fairview Baptist to host Southwestern academic

The Rev. Emir Caner, Ph.D., will be the guest speaker at 10:30 a.m. Sunday at Fairview Baptist Church, 2913 Reese Road. Caner is the dean of the College at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas. Caner is renowned for "defending the faith" and persuading audiences about Jesus Christ. Raised the son of an Islamic leader, he converted to Christianity in 1982, reaching millions with his evangelical ministry.

He is the author, among many publications, of "The Costly Call: Worldwide Testimonies of Muslims Who Have Become Christians" (Kregel Publications, 2005) and "Christian Jihad: When We Killed in the Name of Christ" (Kregel Publications, 2004).

For more information, call 706-561-3030.