Alert banker halts alleged scam

An alert SunTrust Bank employee in Columbus tipped an off-duty Columbus police officer Tuesday when she suspected a 77-year-old man was being victimized by a woman who claimed to be an undercover police officer asking him to withdraw money from his account.

The officer took the woman into custody and she is in the Muscogee County Jail facing multiple charges.

Rose Mary Clancy, 43, of a Mason Drive address, is charged with one count of felony and two counts of misdemeanor theft by deception and one count of criminal attempt theft by deception, Columbus Police Lt. Gil Slouchick said Wednesday.

"She had told this elderly man that she was an undercover police officer," said Slouchick. "She had him withdrawing money from his bank account. Yesterday morning, he goes to SunTrust Bank to withdraw substantial savings. A manager asks why he is withdrawing it. He said an undercover police office is in his vehicle and she said if he didn't withdraw it and give it to her she would arrest him and put him in jail.

"The manager alerted an off-duty police officer at the bank. The officer went to the vehicle but the woman wasn't inside. He went to a business close by and found her. She was taken into custody."

Clancy will receive a hearing in Columbus Recorder's Court at 9 a.m. Thursday.