PC may redraw police boundaries

Phenix City is studying a proposal to withdraw its police and building code enforcement from its police jurisdiction back to its city limits.

Currently, the city's police jurisdiction extends 1 miles beyond its corporate limits in Russell County and its planning jurisdiction for five miles. The city shares tax revenue within the police jurisdiction with Russell County. The city provides police patrols in the jurisdiction and enforces its zoning regulations.

But in the new proposal, supported by City Manager Bubba Roberts and Police Chief Brian McGarr, the city would pull its patrols from the jurisdiction and use the manpower inside city limits. The city's fire department does not currently answer calls outside city limits but provides backup support for the volunteer fire departments that operate in the area.

Assistant Chief Ray Smith told the city council Tuesday during its work session that the resources the department expends in patrolling and answering calls in the police jurisdiction exceed the tax revenue realized by the city.