Last retiree health plan meeting Tuesday

Columbus city administrators will hold their last meeting Tuesday to help retirees understand a new healthcare plan that took effect this year.

The meeting will be 6 p.m. at the Gallops Senior Center, 1212 15th St. There government and Blue Cross-Blue Shield representatives will answer questions about the health insurance plan that covers more than 600 retired city workers. Supplemented by the city, the Blue Cross-Blue Shield coverage is based on the Medicare Advantage Plan.

This will be the last in a series of three meetings in which city officials have outlined a proposed revision to the plan. City Human Resources Director Tom Barron said the insurer has recalculated the coverage for a maximum of $500 annually in out-of-pocket expenses, and with that, the monthly premium would be $101 a month, of which the retiree would pay $75.75 and the city would pay $25.25.

Currently $2,000 is the maximum a retiree would have to pay annually in out-of-pocket expenses. The monthly premium is $92.50 a month, of which the city pays 25 percent and the retiree pays 75 percent.