Event will celebrate John and Charles Wesley

A Hymn Festival celebrating the late John and Charles Wesley, "renewers of the Church," begins at 4 p.m. Sunday at Trinity Episcopal Church, 1130 First Ave.

John and Charles Wesley were brothers from 18th-century England. They were leaders of the evangelical revival in the Church of England and both attended Oxford University. Adhering to strict discipline to the Book of Common Prayer, they took on the nickname "Methodists." The Wesleys journeyed to Georgia in 1735, John as a missionary and Charles as secretary to Governor Oglethorpe, according to satucket.com.

They found the experience disheartening, and returned home after a few years. There, three days apart, they underwent a conversion experience. John, present with a group of Moravians who were reading Martin Luther's Preface to the Epistle to the Romans, received a strong emotional awareness of the love of Christ displayed in freely forgiving his sins and granting him eternal life.

Following this experience, John and Charles, with others, set about to stir up in others a like awareness of and response to the saving love of God. Of the two, John was the more powerful preacher, and averaged 8,000 miles of travel a year, mostly on horseback. At the time of his death he was probably the best known and best loved man in England.

The Sunday festival, which is free, will feature the Trinity choir, and prayer for the mission of the Church.

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