Taxes reported paid on Walker's building

Overdue property taxes on a commercial building owned partly by the chairman of the Muscogee County school board have been paid, according to the Muscogee Tax Commissioner's office.

The building at 5887 Veterans Parkway, owned by school board chairman James Walker and financial planner Ronnie Alligood, was to be auctioned March 4 if the taxes were not satisfied, but Deputy Tax Commissioner Bob Clouatre said the tax office got a cashier's check for $18,655.78 on Friday, so the issue has been resolved.

According to the tax commissioner's records, no taxes had been paid on the building since 2005.

The building's on the west side of Veterans Parkway, just north of the bridge over Interstate 185 and south of West Britt David Road. The 3,459-square-foot building's north side is occupied by Hollywood Nails Studio & Spa.

According to tax records, the property's appraised value is $293,859 and the value assessed for taxes is $117,544. The tax commissioner's records had shown $6,324.66 unpaid in 2005; $6,141.53 unpaid in 2006; and $5,782.16 unpaid in 2007. That included penalties.

Walker earlier said he and Alligood once had offices in the Veterans Parkway building. The property was refinanced about a year ago, and the taxes should have been paid then, Walker said.

Walker is a financial advisor with AXA Advisors. He and Alligood now are in an office building at 4320 Gilbert Ave.