Children under Levi Call in car with Indiana plates

BY HARRY FRANKLINhfranklin@ledger-enquirer.com

Columbus Police Wednesday issued an alert for a father who left his Columbus home Tuesday night with his three children without letting his wife know he was leaving.

A Levi Call was issued between 9:30-10 a.m. for Eddie Harrington, 27, originally from Indianapolis, Ind., who left with his young son and twin daughters before his wife arrived home at 4625 Gardiner Drive, said Columbus Police Lt. Mark Starling.

"We received the call around 1:30 a.m.," said Starling. "He left a communication there that causes some concern on our part. We forwarded that information to the GBI and they concurred that a Levi Call should be activated and to be on the alert for the kids."

Starling said he could not disclose the contents of Harrington's note, but a dispatcher stated on the police radio that Harrington is considered a risk to himself.

Starling did say that Harrington didn't indicate in his note that the children might be at risk.

"He took his kids. There's no custodial issue. He is the father entitled to be with the kids," said Starling. "He and his wife, Agena Battle, have been living together here for over a year. Nothing like this has ever happened before with him. We have no information about where he may be going. There's a possibility he could go out of state."

Harrington left in a dark green 2002 Chevrolet Impala with Indiana license plate no. 93L4740. Starling said the son is three years old, about three-feet tall and 40 pounds. The twin daughters are one year old, about two feet tall and 25 pounds each. There was no description of the clothing they were wearing.

Harrington is described as five-foot-nine inches tall, with brown eyes and black hair.

Anyone who sees Harrington, the children or the car is asked to call the nonemergency 911 number in Columbus, 706-653-3231 and 911 supervisors will handle the call, Starling said.