Freezing weather on the way for Columbus

It won't feel much like spring when folks "spring forward" to Daylight Savings Time Saturday night, but maybe locals turning their clocks ahead won't mind losing an hour of freezing weather.

The National Weather Service expects the temperature overnight Saturday to drop into the 20s.

Meteorologist Don Sena with the weather service's Peachtree City station says folks here in Columbus will start feeling that cold air Saturday morning, when the winds pick up to 15-20 mph and the high never gets higher than the mid- to high 40s. Then as those winds die off, the temperature's to drop about 20 degrees, with the forecast low expected to be 29.

Then comes a slow warming trend, up to the low 60s on a sunny Sunday when sundown first comes an hour later. But it's to stay cool Sunday night, with the low Monday morning expected to be 39 degrees.

Then spring will be in the air again, as the high heads back toward 70 degrees through next week.