CSU's Go Green Committee hosts a Climate Change lecture Tuesday

In the past year, Jens Rasmussen has given his slide show about the climate change for more than 20 groups. The resident artist at the Springer Opera House has appeared in "A Christmas Carol" and "To Kill a Mockingbird," and is currently in "Carousel." He'll tackle the role of a priest accused of inappropriate behavior in "Doubt" next month.

After Rasmussen saw "An Inconvenient Truth" in 2006, he applied to the Climate Project for further training and a year later, he was in Nashville with 999 other like-minded people.

Al Gore, who narrated the movie, was one of the workshop's speakers.

Last year, Rasmussen presented the slide show at the Columbus Public Library to a small, but very interested group of local residents.

"Lots has changed in Georgia in a year," Rasmussen said. The drought, of course, has been a big topic the past year, and is becoming a more and more urgent problem, he said.

So when the Go Green Committee of the Columbus State University Student Government Association asked him to present the slide show, he gladly said yes. Rasmussen will present it twice on Tuesday.

Nicole de Vries, a CSU graduate business student, is an SGA senator who began the Go Green movement on campus, and asked Rasmussen to participate.

She admits never having seen "An Inconvenient Truth" until she attended a "Two Percent Solution" conference where the Academy Award-winning documentary was shown.

But like Rasmussen, after watching the movie, she was motivated to do something.

de Vries and a committee of CSU students, staff and professors are trying to make the campus more energy efficient.

"We have recycling bins for paper, but the paper is thrown away," she complains. "There's one container for cans."

She thinks there should be recycling bins in the cafeteria, especially, and in each building on campus and each dormitory.

"It's really exciting," Rasmussen said of the Go Green committee's efforts, which will include tip sheets for students on how to make life more sustainable.

"We're starting at the bottom and working up," de Vries said. "We're hoping the board of directors will listen."

Rasmussen made his presentation in New Orleans last fall and he said the experience was "sobering." People who think New Orleans is back to normal by just watching footage of Mardi Gras have no idea that entire neighborhoods are still ghost towns, he said.

What: Actor and activist Jens Rasmussen will present a slide show on global warming as part of Columbus State University's Student Government Association's Go Green initiative for March. Includes informational displays by the Columbus Water Works, the Georgia Forestry Commission, CSU SGA

When: Noon and 1 p.m. Tuesday

Where: CSU's Davidson Student Center auditorium on main campus

Tickets: Free

Information: Nicole de Vries at 706-507-8835